Monday, December 26, 2011

Valentine's Song (original)

Valentine's Song by wemaysing is licensed under a Creative Commons License

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inspired by the book Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card
If Ender's Game was ever made into a Broadway musical, this would be a ballad at the end of the third act, sung by Valentine to her brother before they fly away.

(Capo 2, Key of A)

.        G          C               G
 it's a paradox of achieving world peace
.      C           Em         Am           D
 with peace as the end, using war as the means
.   G                        C        G
 to ensure the continued survival of man
.      C             Em
 they took you and trained you
.      Am            D
 put a gun in your hand
.F                    Am            G
 who of us asks to be born on this earth
.F                  Am
 is there a purpose above
.Bm                       Am        Bm  C
 Ender, the hopes of the world hung on you
.     Am
 but despite all the war
.       C                        D
 don't forget you were made for love

 Run away
.       C             G
 to the stars beyond stars
.  C      G
 leaving behind
. Am        D
 wars upon wars
.          G            C        G
 There's power in the violence within
.    C           G               D            G
 in kissing the snake you found love without end

. Am
 What do we do
.        Em
 now that your work is through
.         C   C/B     Em        D/F#
 we are saved by the buggers' defeat

.    Am
 To keep you from being
.  Em
 a pawn in the hands
.       C             G
 of our brother dear Peter
.         C             G
 we will have to soon leave here
.     C           G            D
 and fly across space, across time

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